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Saturday - August 24, 2013

"The secret to effective prayer is asking for things that would have happened anyway." - @TweetOfGod

Ah, the good ole days, when suspension of disbelief only referred to fiction and not the actual news... If TV engagement is up it's for 2 reasons: First, so many great shows on TV. Second, I keep rewinding what I miss while I'm on my iPad... Yo! Affleck has killed it as a director in his last few movies and acting not too shabby either. He deserves benefit of the doubt on Batman role. His taste and chops are better. Thinking tough and ripped as his southie character. Though Liev Schreiber would have been an interesting choice too.. Dear TV Industry, I want every TV Everywhere app to be on AppleTV NOW... I'm interested in running a packaged software company with huge application menus... Reading tech blogs is its own living inside The Matrix... They should have a nap room at @Eataly... Please tell me the rumor that Steve Ballmer will run The NY Knicks isn't true... New term I made up: "Treadmill show." An entertaining television show that one watches on the treadmill and even if every 2nd and 3rd word is missed, you can still comprehend and follow the plot... @ariannahuff gives great dinner... Happy Birthday to pal, Rob Goldberg.


  • Marissa Mayer Biography
    // businessinsider­.com

    On the morning of Thursday, July 12, 2012, Yahoo’s interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn, still believed he was going to be named permanent CEO of the company. He had just one meeting to go.

  • Our 'Kodak moments' – and creativity – are gone | Jason Farago
    // theguardian­.com

    The real tragedy of the death of Kodak is that the volume of photos taken today may be up, but we are just corporate pawnsWe are all photographers now.

  • What Is Medium?
    // theatlantic­.com

    The site from Twitter's co-founders is one year old, and still mysterious    

  • The Believer
    // gq­.com

    As a founder of PayPal, Elon Musk made $250 million in an Internet minute. But then he got bored.

  • NASA’s mission improbable
    // washingtonpost­.com

    A space agency with a proud past faces a rocky road ahead.

  • Why ESPN Backed Out of a Concussions Investigation With ‘Frontline’
    // newrepublic­.com

    “Frontline,” the prestigious, multiple-Emmy-winning investigative news show produced by Boston’s PBS member station, announced late Thursday afternoon that a 15-month-old partnership with ESPN in which they published a series of pieces exploring how the National Football League has (and has not)

  • How New York ‘Times’ CEO Mark Thompson Is Ushering in a New Era in the Newsroom
    // nymag­.com

    Abramson has told a friend outside the paper that she feels isolated and without allies.

  • The Promise and Perils of Self-Driving Cars
    // jessicalessin­.com

    Riding in a self-driving car will change how you think about the future of transportation. When I rode in one of Google’s Lexus self-driving cars last fall, I was riveted by the screen above the dashboard that displayed the cars and other major objects around us.

  • Tim Chang on VC's: Inflation and Irrationality
    // gamesauce­.org

    “Everyone is mid-core crazy because we have burned out casual,” Tim Chang pointed out during a panel at Casual Connect USA. “Gaming is becoming more segmented.

  • The Losses of Dan Gable
    // espn­.go­.com

    Wrestling's most famous winner is taking on one final battle: To save his sport and all he's ever been


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